Product Care And Instructions

All products offered are easy to care for (unless expressly stated otherwise in the shop or on the product).

The recommended washing temperature is 40 ° C . You can also machine wash our textiles. However, the use of a washing net is recommended in order to prevent it from being hung up with other items of clothing or on the inside of the machine. We do not recommend the use of tumble dryers. Spin is possible in principle, but it can increase the tendency to wrinkle in cotton.

Items with cotton or linen should be ironed, others depending on the fabric. Iron from left, increase to level two, if necessary to three. When using an iron with a teflon sole there is no limitation on the ironing temperature. The use of steam is easily possible.

You don’t need to iron our short curtains (made of polyester or cotton-polyester blend). It is best to hang the remaining drying directly on the window.

Special detergents are not necessary. Please note that heavy-duty detergents always contain bleach and make your laundry lighter.

The respective care instructions can always be found on the sewn-in label or packaging.

Note On Washing

In principle, you can wash all items an unlimited number of times. Textiles with natural fibers become a little lighter over time due to the washing process and the brightener mostly contained in the detergent. Laces and ready-made fabrics are coordinated so that your textiles do not lose their beauty.

No Chlorine or Bleaching

Chlorine or oxygen bleaching is not permitted.

Chemical cleaning is possible with restrictions: Level “P” with underscore.

Numerous textiles from our table linen range are used in the catering trade and have proven themselves there for years despite being washed several times a week or even daily.